Does Planta have support for Propagation?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Planta does not support propagation yet, unfortunately. You can however still use the app to keep track of your cuttings and seedlings. But you might need to set a custom schedule for them. Here’s how to add cuttings / seedlings in Planta:

  1. Add the plant to a site.
  2. Enter the plants profile 
  3. Tap settings in the right corner
  4. Select a custom schedule suitable for your cuttings

Read this article on how to set custom schedules for your plant.

If you choose to propagate in water you can add them as usual and just change the soil type to water in the plant settings. We will then remind you to change the water.

While we do wish to add this feature to the app in the future, we don’t have a timeline for when it will able available. 

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